What to Expect When You Come to the Dekker Centre


 Last Update: September 30, 2020

 Because of the ever changing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic. and the development of new   information and guidelines released by the Government of Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan Health Authority, the following is a working plan. Information may be updated regularly! 

Our  Re-Open plan was developed in accordance with the Government of Saskatchewan's Re- Open Plan for Live Event Centres. As per the Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan, the Dekker Centre is currently limited to a maximum audience capacity of 111 patrons.



New Box Office Hours:

We will adjust Box Office hours as needed


Over the Phone: Tuesday and Thursday 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM

In Person and Over the Phone:  Wednesday 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Contactless Payment is Preferred!


Mask Policy

When attending a show, masks must be worn when Physical Distancing cannot be maintained. Examples are: entry and exit into the buidling and theatre, lobby, bathroom etc, Masks will be available for purchase if patrons do not bring their own. 

Refund Policy

Stay Home If You Are Sick.

Patrons will be able to exchange their ticket for credit up until the next working day after the show, provided their tickets were not scanned in. 

Contact Tracing Policy

Patrons will be required to provide contact information (name and phone number) for themselves and any person they may purchase a ticket for. 

Patrons will have to agree to the following policies before proceeding to payment. 


 Attending a Show:

Current Capacity Limit: 150 (as long as 2 metres of physical distancing can be maintained)

 Entry to Building:

Patrons will enter and exit through designated doors and hand sanitizer stations will be set up at all entry ways within the space.

The Dekker Centre will open 45 minutes prior to showtime. The Gordon Tootoosis Memorial Theatre will open 30 minutes prior. 

 Traffic flow will be marked by Vinyl stickers and tape. 

Patrons should be prepared to purchase a mask upon arrival (if they aren't wearing their own), undergo a COVID-19 screening and ensure that all members of their party have proper information needed for contact tracing. 


Physical Distancing:

The Dekker Centre is able to present live events with an audience capacity of up to 111 attendees. Our Box Office Ticketing System will automatically physically distant patrons from other attendees in the pairs and groups they choose to attend with. We ask that patrons maintain 2 metres from others and additionally wear a mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in large groups.

Theatre Entry and Exit:

Contactless entry will be maintained through the use of ticket scanners. Patrons will be guided by Ushers through appropriate points of entry into the theatre and appropriate points of exit out of the theatre. 

Bar Service:

Bar Service will be set up in Lawrence Hall with a maximum capacity of 28 patrons. Tables will be physically distanced throughout the space. Contactless payment is preferred!

 Post Show:

Patrons will be encouraged to exit the theatre and atrium and not congregate. We will not be selling merchandise or hosting artist meet and greets for the foreseeable future!


Response to Patron or Employee Illness

If a patron or employee becomes ill and/or symptomatic while at the Dekker Centre, they will be encouraged to leave immediately. If the employee or patron is not able to leave immediately, the First Aid room adjacent to the Gordon Tootoosis Memorial Stage will be used as a Safe Room. The patron or employee will stay in the safe room until they can leave the Dekker Centre. The First Aid Room allows the patron or employee quick exit to the back of the Dekker Centre. All surfaces that a patron may have touched will immediately be disinfected. 


If an employee becomes ill, their work station will immediately be cleaned and disinfected. They will be required to leave work and will be able to return when:

  • they have been 48 hours without symptoms
  • or they have received a negative result to a COVID-19 test




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